Known far and wide as “Mr. C” – I’m also “John” and “Johnny” and most affectionately “GUS” by my dear wife Sue.  My in-home office is located on the third floor in our attic, so many times I’ve been referred to as “That Guy Up Stairs) hence GUS.  But I think Mr. C is the title I like best, at least right now anyway.

Sue and I grew up in a small Ohio town called Thompson.  Located about 30 miles east of Cleveland, it’s right in that section of Northeast Ohio region and into Buffalo, NY known as the snowbelt.  LOTS of snow and ice and cold growing up in Thompson – we are a hardy bunch (all the weak ones died out)!

I’ve know Sue since, well forever.  You see, we grew up together; went to the same school, attended the same church, and pretty much knew everybody and everything in the Thompson area from day 1.  We were married in 1976 and have three great kids.  Find out more about us at www.oacusa.org which is the Christian organization I’ve been working with since 1980.

* Phone: (610) 746-0508
* Email: john.cutlip@oaci.org  or  sue.cutlip@oaci.org


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  1. Alexis Berry says:

    Hi John and Sue!

    I just want to let you know that I have listed your blog in the Moody Alumni Blogroll here: http://mbialumni.wordpress.com/.

    Thanks for your writing and for your ministry with Open Air Campaigners; we are proud of you!

    Alexis | Moody Alumni Assoc.

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