This coming Saturday, we will be having an open house for Sue’s mom, Mae, who will celebrate birthday number 95 on May 17! She’s been doing great physically up until a couple weeks ago when some blood on the brain sent her to the emergency room and then ICU for a couple days but she is on the mend now. A couple weeks in the residential therapy facility near us has done wonders and she will be released on Saturday for her party and then permanently on May 18. Sue is still working as Administrative Assistant to our pastors at Calvary Baptist Church just 15 minutes down the road. The kids and their households are all doing well, also.

Ministry opportunities continue to be plentiful and fruitful both on the administrative end of the spectrum and out in the open air. The CPA team was just with us last month conducting on-site work for our annual financial audit, and a few weeks back I prepared for and was involved in our national Board of Directors meeting. We are grateful for this leadership team who came to the Philadelphia area for a time of prayer, planning, and evaluation from Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, and Georgia. This week our Orientation-Candidate School is taking place as God continues to lead folks our way for full-time involvement; we are encouraged.

As long as God gives us strength, we plan on being active in OAC for many more years! Thanks for sharing in our journey all these years through your friendship, prayers, and support. We appreciate you.


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