Next month we celebrate the resurrection which renews our hope and refreshes our vision of new life in Christ.  We look forward to this celebration along with the coming of spring, new life popping up everywhere outside.  As a mission, OAC is gearing up to present the Gospel in many different venues throughout the year and already individuals are signing up to participate in our June Sketchboard Evangelism Training as well as the annual spring outreach trip to Miami.

Calvary2015-January-02I found a way to use static electricity in my presentations to young people.  It’s quite shocking and hair-raising, literally!  The van de graaff generator is a great way to demonstrate the power and presence of God.

Sue’s mom Mae is doing well here at home.  She continues to be a blessing and great help in assisting us in many of our office chores and around the house.  Sue and I are looking forward to help granddaughter Lexi celebrate her birthday in Virginia at the end of next month and then we will head on out to Utah to pay daughter Shannon and her husband Paul a quick visit.  Shannon is graduating from her culinary program which will help augment what she offers clients as part of her personal trainer activities.  Son Chad has just returned from three months out to sea as part of his Navy responsibilities as a submarine navigator.  He seems to have survived in good shape and tells us of things God has been teaching him during these trips.

We continue to appreciate your ongoing interest, friendship, prayers and partnership which are such a tremendous encouragement.  Thank you.


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