Record-breaking snowfall here in the Nazareth area has shut everything down and put us to work with the snow shovels!
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Our OAC staff man Kurt Schafli co-labors with us in the Wyoming area and tells about a fellow named AJ who came to their Bible study at the minimum security prison facility in Riverton.  He was all smiles when he looked at our staff there and they couldn’t figure out why.  Then he blurted out, “You guys are still serving here – I remember your Creation Science lectures and awesome Bible studies from 24 years ago!  I was out, but messed up again.  Man, am I glad to have the opportunity again to study God’s Word!”  It’s an encouragement to see how God is using OAC’s ministry by all means everywhere.  Kurt conducts Bible studies not only in prison but in lots of locations.  He is great at using the sketchboard in conjunction with these studies.  Truly, some plant, some water but God is the one who gives the increase!  Thank you for also being part of our co-laborers through your friendship, prayers and gifts.



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