June 2017 Update

Our annual sketchboard evangelism training (SET) will be taking place next week in Boston.  Our staff will be training people coming in from Maryland, Tennessee, New York and some local folks from Massachusetts as well.

I have been asked to participate in a couple different Vacation Bible School outreaches here locally this month.

All is well with the family.  Mae is doing great, all the nurses coming to the house have said, “You don’t need us!”  Shannon and Paul still love Idaho, Chad is a happy ex-Navy man and looking forward to his next adventure, Christopher and Stephanie continue working on their “fixer-upper” house in Virginia and Sue continues to love being Administrative Assistant at our local church.


May 2017

This coming Saturday, we will be having an open house for Sue’s mom, Mae, who will celebrate birthday number 95 on May 17! She’s been doing great physically up until a couple weeks ago when some blood on the brain sent her to the emergency room and then ICU for a couple days but she is on the mend now. A couple weeks in the residential therapy facility near us has done wonders and she will be released on Saturday for her party and then permanently on May 18. Sue is still working as Administrative Assistant to our pastors at Calvary Baptist Church just 15 minutes down the road. The kids and their households are all doing well, also.

Ministry opportunities continue to be plentiful and fruitful both on the administrative end of the spectrum and out in the open air. The CPA team was just with us last month conducting on-site work for our annual financial audit, and a few weeks back I prepared for and was involved in our national Board of Directors meeting. We are grateful for this leadership team who came to the Philadelphia area for a time of prayer, planning, and evaluation from Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, and Georgia. This week our Orientation-Candidate School is taking place as God continues to lead folks our way for full-time involvement; we are encouraged.

As long as God gives us strength, we plan on being active in OAC for many more years! Thanks for sharing in our journey all these years through your friendship, prayers, and support. We appreciate you.

April 2017 Update

I am getting ready for our upcoming national Board of Directors meeting on April 29. We are grateful for this leadership team who will be coming to the Philadelphia area for a time of prayer, planning, and evaluation from Pennsylvania, Oregon, California and Georgia.

Pray for all details to be cared for as our annual financial audit begins in April, CPA workers will be in Nazareth on April 4 to begin the process.

I have been asked to conduct a children’s program on Easter Sunday at a church in Landsdale Pennsylvania. Then on April 19 an evening program at Calvary Baptist in Bethlehem Township Pennsylvania is planned, it’s “Mr. C” night where I will be able to speak to all the elementary-age children in one large group.

Sue and I are leaving in the morning for a short two-day get-away in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We are having our wills updated (fun fun!) which involves signing legal paperwork and while we are out in that area will take in a Sight and Sound presentation of Jonah.


Cutlip March 2017 Update

So nice to have the doors open again, nearly 60 degrees today. There is a light rain falling outside and it really feels like spring but it will probably snow tomorrow so we will enjoy it to the fullest today!

We are grateful to God for two new couples preparing to come on staff full-time with our mission from Ohio and Tennessee.

Last month was a full one with ministry outreach events here in Pennsylvania held in Telford, Perkasie, Bethlehem, Fort Washington and at our local church in Easton.

This month will find me assisting two local churches in the Telford area conducting neighborhood spring events. This in addition to the daily assisting of our OAC missionaries as they have me help them attend to many administrative tasks.   In fact our man in Mexico just sent me an email needing funds wired down there so I will close out by thanking you for your partnership in so many ways.


June, July, August Update

The summer months have been a blur. God has provided many opportunities for ministry and some milestones for our family, here is a sampling:

* The Child Evangelism Fellowship program training teens to reach out in the greater Philadelphia area called “Flood Philly” had me come and join their training team to equip 150 young people with some tools of evangelism to use in their summer ministry

* I was able to travel to Perkasie Pennsylvania area and conduct two camp sessions for elementary age kids

* Several of our staff were able to train and equip fellow Christians in effective evangelism during our two weeks of Sketchboard Evangelism Training, one week in Boston and one week in the Baltimore/DC area. Co-worker Mike Bussen and I were able to provide resources needed for use in conducting these training sessions.

* Sue and I joined our local church in an ongoing effort in reaching out to a local community near our church. Later this month I’ve been asked to conduct a special children’s program in this community

* Sue and I joined our local church youth group on an outing in the Poconos

* A local church in Bethlehem asked me to help in reaching out to their local community through a day-long event and just this past weekend their sister church in Syracuse New York had me come up and do the same at that location – it was great to have co-worker Erin Chervenak join me for the day. While there, a leader in their Philadelphia location asked if I would be willing to come and also help them in the days ahead

* The Joni and Friends ministry held a family conference at Spruce Lake Conference Center in the Poconos where I was asked to come for three evenings and conduct their children’s program

* Each Sunday this month I am conducting my sermons from science presentations at a local church in Bethlehem

* Sue and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary last month

* Our youngest son, Chad, celebrated birthday 29 last month. His five year commitment serving as a submarine navigator in the US Navy will be up in the next few months and so prayer would be appreciated for his next steps

* Oldest son, Chris, attended a conference in Denver a couple weeks ago and we enjoyed having granddaughter Lexi with us for the weekend – what fun we had. (Lexi is delighted with their new family member, Ruger)

* We are thankful for all the great help Sue’s mom, Mae, is to our family and to the ministry. She loves stuffing envelopes and we love her to do it!

* Next week I join co-worker Karen Williams for a week of ministry with a Korean ministry at Victory Valley camp here in Pennsylvania

And now, we gear up for the coming fall ministry opportunities!


Joni & Friends conference at Spruce Lake








Lexi and new family member Ruger


We are looking forward to the next 40!









Thank you Lord for Mae, what a blessing she is

May 2016 Update

Family Update
It was great having Sue’s brother Wayne out here from Ohio last weekend to help celebrate Mae’s birthday #94!   Granddaughter Crystal and her husband also came down from New York state and we all had a feast of celebration at the Red Robin restaurant – what fun.

Ministry Update
I will be heading down to Philadelphia this Saturday for our annual OAC physical Board of Director’s meeting. We have board members from across the country coming for this important time of prayer, planning and reporting.

I had a good opportunity to minister at a church in Glenside Pennsylvania last week. They bring in kids each week from the suburbs of Philly and I was asked to be the speaker for their last gathering of the school year.


April 2016 Update

Family Update
We had a fabulous time celebrating granddaughter, Lexi’s, fifth birthday with her in Virginia and then spending some time with daughter, Shannon, in Utah returning on April 4.  Shannon’s husband, Paul, has been in Texas recently on location as camera man for his job and has tales to tell about the flooding there.  Son Chad, wrapping up his five-year commitment with the Navy, is currently seeking God’s direction as he will be out within the next 12 months.  Sue’s mom, Mae, celebrates birthday 94 next month on May 17!

Ministry Update
The on-site annual CPA audit work is now complete for another year.  Every four years our staff around the world meet in a different location for an international conference to enjoy a time of fellowship, training, encouragement and ministry outreach together.  This year OAC Germany will host the conference, which will be held in an old castle!  Wish Sue and I could go, but we must hold down the fort here right now.  Our upcoming annual board of directors physical meeting will be taking place in our Philadelphia branch in May, and I will be going there to be part of that gathering for sure.  Not as fun as Germany but just as important!


John & Shannon
John & Shannon


Son-in-law Paul on the job in Houston

Son-in-law Paul on the job in Houston











Conducting chapel services are an important part of the ministry God has provided

Conducting chapel services are an important part of the ministry God has provided


March 2016 Update

We had a great team of young people from Liberty University just back from a week of spring break outreach in Miami.

Sue and I are gearing up to head for Virginia this weekend to help celebrate granddaughter Lexi’s birthday. Then we will head off to Utah March 26 – April 4 to visit Shannon & Paul and help her celebrate graduation from culinary school.

Upon returning, our annual financial audit will be upon us and so the CPA team will be here in Nazareth for a couple days to do their on site procedures.

Pray for God’s blessing on April 16 with outreach I be part of in Easton Pennsylvania

It's great to share the truth of God's Word through creative means, plus it's a lot of fun!

It’s great to share the truth of God’s Word through creative means, plus it’s a lot of fun!


February 2016 Update

Next month we celebrate the resurrection which renews our hope and refreshes our vision of new life in Christ.  We look forward to this celebration along with the coming of spring, new life popping up everywhere outside.  As a mission, OAC is gearing up to present the Gospel in many different venues throughout the year and already individuals are signing up to participate in our June Sketchboard Evangelism Training as well as the annual spring outreach trip to Miami.

Calvary2015-January-02I found a way to use static electricity in my presentations to young people.  It’s quite shocking and hair-raising, literally!  The van de graaff generator is a great way to demonstrate the power and presence of God.

Sue’s mom Mae is doing well here at home.  She continues to be a blessing and great help in assisting us in many of our office chores and around the house.  Sue and I are looking forward to help granddaughter Lexi celebrate her birthday in Virginia at the end of next month and then we will head on out to Utah to pay daughter Shannon and her husband Paul a quick visit.  Shannon is graduating from her culinary program which will help augment what she offers clients as part of her personal trainer activities.  Son Chad has just returned from three months out to sea as part of his Navy responsibilities as a submarine navigator.  He seems to have survived in good shape and tells us of things God has been teaching him during these trips.

We continue to appreciate your ongoing interest, friendship, prayers and partnership which are such a tremendous encouragement.  Thank you.

January 2016 update

Record-breaking snowfall here in the Nazareth area has shut everything down and put us to work with the snow shovels!
IMG_1153 IMG_1604
















Our OAC staff man Kurt Schafli co-labors with us in the Wyoming area and tells about a fellow named AJ who came to their Bible study at the minimum security prison facility in Riverton.  He was all smiles when he looked at our staff there and they couldn’t figure out why.  Then he blurted out, “You guys are still serving here – I remember your Creation Science lectures and awesome Bible studies from 24 years ago!  I was out, but messed up again.  Man, am I glad to have the opportunity again to study God’s Word!”  It’s an encouragement to see how God is using OAC’s ministry by all means everywhere.  Kurt conducts Bible studies not only in prison but in lots of locations.  He is great at using the sketchboard in conjunction with these studies.  Truly, some plant, some water but God is the one who gives the increase!  Thank you for also being part of our co-laborers through your friendship, prayers and gifts.